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Other critical conversion pages and types: sign up pages, demo pages, exit intent surveys, mailer sign up pages.

Hero teardowns

What: Annotated teardowns of landing page Heros (the first element outside of navigation) from leading SaaS pages


Before and after

What: show your visitor what life will be like after implementing your product. Tell that story with words, metrics or visuals. See examples below. Note: when using words to describe the 'before' you are trying you build pain - examples follow.


Vs Current Process or Competitor

What: Compare your solution with the current process or competitors. Similar to before and after but tends to be more process focussed than story or emotion focused.


Template Directory / Showcase

What: Highlight templates and examples that help new users achieve their goals quicker, and show visitors the amazing things your product can create.


Code Snippet

What: Prove your solution is easy to implement and address technical doubts with your actual implementation code snippet.


Live Demo

What: Show your visitors your product, don't just tell them about it. A live demo with dummy data allows people to navigate and explore your actual product without signing up.



What: Writing directly to different buyer or user personas who are visiting your landing page. Similar to use cases, but one persona can have multiple key use cases.


Alternate CTA

What: An action for the visitor to take if they're not yet ready to sign up.



What: Clearly highlight and promote what your product or business does uniquely. Support your claims with meaningful evidence, quantification or testimonials. See examples below.


Use Cases

What: Highlight different uses for your product with a use-case or objectives element. Alternatively (or also) create different landing pages for key use cases. See how Sleeknote captures use cases as goals.


Evidence your claims: customer support

What: Don't just make claims, evidence them. Here's some examples with Customer Support claims being supported. Active Campaign have a 22-point series of commitments to support their customer service claim.


Watch me roast well-known SaaS landing pages

What: Video roasts of complete landing pages, identifying the techniques and ideas used to increase landing page conversion, and the ideas I would implement.

Popwork's brilliant landing page

Basecamp's landing page


What: similar to before and after, but here the comparison is often against other tools or processes that visitor may use.


Nomad Cooks: before and after

Hotjar's new landing page

Embedded sign up

What: similar to before and after, but here the comparison is often against other tools or processes that visitor may use.



What: Highlight your product features in a compelling way, inspired by these examples. Traditionally features follow benefits and show how the benefit is achieved.



What: Landing page FAQs allow you to address visitor doubts. Using heat and click maps you can also learn which answers are most explored. Address these common doubts earlier on your landing page.



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